Carpet Cleaning Rock Hill SC

Carpet Cleaning Rock Hill SC

You own beautiful carpets which enhance the look of your house. They not only pamper your feet but also give a regal look to your home. Due to continuous exposure, carpet attracts a lot of dust which settles on it over a period of time. There are times when you must have dropped water, your favorite fruit juice or spilled some other beverages on your carpet. In such situations, it is indeed very difficult to get your carpet cleaned due to its size and bulk. Also, the layers of dust settling every day on your carpet can pose as a health risk and cause allergy in your household. Hence it is very essential to get your carpet thoroughly cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. You need not fret over how to get it done. The services provided by Carpet Cleaning Rock Hill SC are phenomenal. There is a list of service providers in Rock Hill, South Carolina who provide professional carpet cleaning services. They will make your old, dusty carpet look as good as new. So the next time if you want to get some stain off your carpet or do away with the piling dust particles then make sure you book an appointment with carpet cleaning services Rock Hill SC.

Top Carpet Cleaning Company in Rock Hill

There are many professional carpet cleaners in Rock Hill and so you might get confused regarding which company to hire. We have got you sorted about that in this section. Here is a list of good carpet cleaning companies that you might like to consider to give your carpet the best treatment.

  1. Master Services – They specialize in anything and everything related to carpets. Starting from carpeting your floor to perfection, padding your carpet, damage restoration, removing stains, caulking your carpet, you name it Master Services would do it all with perfection.
  2. White Knight Steamer Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner – Apart from the usual carpet cleaning and damage restoration, White Knight also specializes in green cleaning, extraction of water from carpets, and steam cleaning. They also specialize in providing stain protection to your carpet. Your carpet would be in safe hands under the care of White Knight.
  3. Carpet Pros – As the name suggests, they indeed are a pro when it comes to going the extra mile and giving your carpet a new look. Carpet Pros have been in the carpet cleaning business for 24 years and so they are armed with a lot of experience. They help in removing odor from your carpet and restores your carpet to its original look in an eco-friendly way. They also specialize in removing stubborn pet furs from the carpet.

So in case you are looking for the best carpet cleaner at this section then you can pick either of the three above mentioned companies to get a satisfactory experience.

Carpet Cleaning Cost in Rock Hill SC

If you are wondering how much is carpet cleaning going to cost you, we will have you covered about that in this section.

The carpet cleaning companies charge somewhere between 14 to 30 cents per square foot. As of 2020, the minimum cost for cleaning a carpet is approximately $92. The minimum range quoted for carpet cleaning varies from $92 to $121 based on additional services. This amount is restricted to dust cleaning or stain removal. The majority of the customers in Rock Hill SC pay within the range of $115 to $200 for carpet cleaning which includes various additional services requested by the customer. The average cost for carpet cleaning in Rock Hill is around $208. If you want to go for premium services that involve the complete package of cleaning, damage restoration, pet fur removal, stain removal, stain, and dust protection, then the entire package might cost you around $324.

You can use certain carpet cleaning specials to get attractive deals and offers. You can ask your service provider for the latest offers available. Those specials can be applied based on the area of the carpet, the number of rooms and the number of services you take. Before hiring a service provider ask for the best carpet cleaning deals available with them.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ?

How long does carpet cleaning take?

The duration of carpet cleaning depends upon the total square foot of the carpet as well as the number of services requested by the customer. The whole process takes approximately 20 minutes to 30 minutes for a single room. Additional services like caulking, steam cleaning, and stain protection might require some additional time.

How long for carpet to dry after cleaning?

The carpets can take any time between 3 hours to 24 hours to completely dry off. This duration can also depend upon the humidity and the normal temperature of the day. Most of the carpets generally dry within 7 to 15 hours.

You can leave your ceiling fans at full speed and leave the windows open to fasten the process. It is advisable not to artificially increase the room temperature to dry the carpets. They generally dry properly when the temperature is around 70 degrees.

How to prepare for carpet cleaning?

Yes, you need to do your part before the carpet cleaners come knocking your door. You need to ensure that there is no furniture or small, fragile items lying around in the carpet cleaning room. This will ensure that there is no hindrance to the carpet cleaners while working. If possible, run your vacuum cleaner over the carpet to remove the overall dust particles so that your carpet cleaner can straight-away get to work on the stained or soiled portion of your carpet.

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